Fidget spinner review

Fidget spinner review

Fidget spinners are quite fun and entertaining. It is essentially a three-sided spinner that is placed on a bearing. There are spinning bearings on each of the arms of the spinner, as well. You can place your finger in the spinner on the end and spin it around. You can put your thumb and finger in the middle and spin it this way.

Spinning and spinning is a great way to pass the time or to keep your hands occupied when you just cant sit still. If you’re having anxiety, the spinner can keep your mind at bay when it comes to thinking about the many things around you going on.

These are great things to think about when it comes to the spinner since you want to make sure it is actually going to provide you with the necessary function you’re purchasing it for.

There are some negatives when it comes to such a device. Some kids like to bring them to school and they might fidget with them often. Some teachers do not like this and may tell the child to put them away. Some teachers welcome them as long as they’re not a disruption to the class.

Some of the bearings might become clogged with dust, debris, dirt and other outside factors. This makes the bearings stick and not turn as much when it comes to using the spinner. Obviously, you want the spinner to keep working for some time and be able to spin. This is the main function of this fidget toy. Using a simple bearing grease to lubricate the bearings on the spinner will not make it greasy but will provide an easy way to spin the spinner around and around for some time to come.

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